Danish Chamber Players has the most beautiful vital friends association that has built a good and cozy community around music. As true friends, they are often invited behind the scenes and all the way into the musical workshop. In May, the friends went on a sold-out bus trip to Copenhagen for a concert with their ensemble and other soloists at the Royal Danish Opera. Danish Conservatory of Music. There was a festive atmosphere, 2 concerts, a tour by Niels Rosing-Schow in the beautiful old radio house with many internal anecdotes and several café visits. The mood was high and the support could be felt all the way up on stage in the packed hall.

For this year's general meeting, this year there was a sneak peek into the rehearsal room for the very first rehearsals of the ensemble's medieval project. The ensemble's chairman of the board Klaus Eusebius Jakobsen told about his work with the medieval festival “Næstveds Søjler”, which gets musical elements from the ensemble and Musica Ficta this year. True to tradition, there were cakes with the ensemble's logo on.

Earlier in the spring, the friends' association was exclusively invited to the closing concert with the young MGK composers, and there are good discounts for the ensemble's concerts.

There is always room for more in the friends association. We enjoy getting together about the music and the ensemble says thank you for the support! Read more here:


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Photo: Mette Franck
May Kullberg

Sonorous walks in nature.

Danish Chamber Players' sonorous wanderings will appear in the landscape in several places in the coming time. As a poetic and swarmeric way to

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