Friends of the ensemble


The association aims in a broad sense to create interest in and support the Danish Chamber Players' work and activities.
The association's members act as ambassadors for the ensemble.


Do you want to be part of the circle of music lovers who support Danish Chamber Players - and do you want to get a closer acquaintance with the ensemble's musicians and the work in and behind the ensemble?

Go to sign up to become an active member.
Anyone who wants to be part of the Danish Chamber Players' Friends Association can sign up.

It costs DKK 100 per pers. and applies to the calendar year in which you register.


For you as a member, there will regularly be exciting offers in connection with concerts - it can be exclusive concert introduction, special discounted price on the entrance ticket or the possibility of total package prices.

A few times a year, members are invited to special events.
Previous events include:

  • New Year's shed with special features.
  • Presence of a CD recording. What does such a set-up look like, and what does a producer do?
  • Introduction to children and young people concerts and performances, which are otherwise only offered to institutions and schools.
  • First meeting with a newly hired musician in the ensemble or special guest soloist / assistant.
  • Annual invitation to the general meeting with serving of coffee and cake.
  • Bring a friend, neighbor or family member for free to selected concerts.

In addition to these special offers, you will be part of a community about the ensemble and the music. Therefore, you do not have to feel like you are going to the concerts alone.

In addition, you as a member also become part of a larger community when the "KUMUS group", consisting of Fuglsang Music Association, Fuglsang The Friends of the Museum and the Friends of the Danish Chamber Players' Association hold joint events.

In the mold is a new initiative with listening club. Here we will invite you to join an online community where current things can be discussed and communicated in a new and lively way.


You sign up by filling out and submitting the online form below.
You will then receive a confirmation email with the account number, where you must pay the amount.
Once the amount has been registered with the friends' association's cashier, you will receive a membership letter, which acts as a membership card and must be brought and presented on request.

Upon registration, you will automatically be subscribed to the ensemble's newsletter, where information about current events and concerts is sent out at regular intervals.


JørgenLykkeMadsen 150x200
Jørgen Lykke Madsen
chairman of the Board
Dorthe Jørgensen 150x200
Dorthe Jørgensen
Deputy chairman and secretary
Carsten Aner, treasurer of the Danish Chamber Players' Friends Association
Carsten Aner
Treasurer and member responsible
Kirsten Rasmussen 150x200
Kirsten Rasmussen
Board member
Linda Morgan Fischer, board member of the Danish Chamber Players' Friends Association
Linda Morgan-Fisher
Board member
BrittaLong 150x200
Britta Lange
Board member
HenrikSteenJensen 1500x200
Henrik Steen Jensen

Statutes of the Association

Minutes from the general meeting

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What is my contribution to?

The ensemble's musicians and administration can apply to the friends association for grants for special initiatives, meetings, seminars, courses and the like. as well as the purchase of gear and gear. An application is considered at one of the upcoming board meetings.

Of previous support can be mentioned: help with development lessons with bassoonist in the USA, music lamps, chairs and transport trolley for the musicians when they are out of the house, help to cover expenses in connection with. the annual program committee seminar.


The KUMUS Group consists of three associations

  • Fuglsang Music Association
  • Friends of Fuglsang Kunstmuseum
  • Danish Chamber Players' Friends Association

as all three are affiliated with KUMUS.

Under the name KUMUS-gruppen, the three associations join forces from time to time for events across their normal activities. It can be films, concerts with conservatoire students or lectures, and there is a membership discount for members of all three associations.


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