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The Danish Chamber Players have launched a new format together with our good neighbors at Fuglsang Art museum, which we call "Fuglsang Together". These are events where art and music meet and end with cozy social dining in the café in KUMUS. Evenings with goods in!

It is really exciting to create these salons, where we in the ensemble and at the museum are inspired by the themes we each deal with, and try to illuminate them from each of our artistic angles. The evenings are compressed with a little music, a little introduction to art history and the conversations go merrily at the big tables when we finally eat together.

This year we have had themes such as Lolland-Italy about Ingemann Andersen with Italian music, Anne Marie and Carl Nielsen with a reading of their joint correspondence and his music and her art, we have had a theme about variations in music and visual arts.

Come and join us for some pleasant events and let's get together about content for more senses.

fuglsang cafe together.
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Photo: Mette Franck
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