The seasonal concerts - where we immerse ourselves in the chamber music we love.

I want to write a small post about Danish Chamber Players' seasonal concerts, which are the approx. 3 concert programs a year with artistic goods, which we present in chamber music associations and at various concert venues where chamber music is at the fore - (such as at our two annual festivals). Both well-known classical masterpieces and rarely played music can be heard in the carefully curated programs, which always have a consistent idea or tone, and where the musicians play in many different constellations. Here, it's about the intimate interaction in the group, about the presence and about sticking out your ears.

In 2023, we have the following seasonal programs, which challenge and inspire the musicians with their different tonal language and stylistic variation: "The Magic of the Flute", where the legendary flute player who goes out and enchants the outside world reappears in several works, "Songs by the Sea", where we exceptionally, have invited a soloist into our midst to sing about the sea, which surrounds us in particular in our area of ​​Denmark. This autumn we will perform a virtuosic and rather dramatic program called "Violinens Lys og Mørke".

We hope that you will join us in diving into these different musical worlds.

Many greetings


Svend and Tobias play
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Photo: Mette Franck
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