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Can Worms Hear?

Worms_B4_2311 - 1600x900 Darwin
AGE GROUP: 3st and 4nd class

Have you ever wondered if worms can hear?
No, right? You will get the answer to that in this show.

This newly written children's opera describes the great scientist Charles Darwin
fascination with the life of earthworms and their importance to nature.

In the performance, Darwin interacts with the ensemble's instruments, and conducts exciting sound experiments, which are described in the exuberant music.


Photo: Ingrid Riis - UnderStrømmen - The Masken Theater
AGE GROUP: 10 years and up

With "UnderStrømmen”Danish Chamber Players has joined forces with the 6 music schools in the cultural region for a new initiative that will give the joy of playing and the community around music a boost.

For workshops and concerts, the music rises when the young people play together with Danish Chamber Players and the music school teachers.

We look forward to playing together!

Young Player Classic competition

USK horn, photo bear Meldgaard
AGE GROUP: 7-20 years

Unge spiller klassik (USK) is a competition for children and young people aged up to and including 20 years, where we collaborate with the music and culture schools in the Zealand region and on Bornholm, which organize the competition.

Danish Chamber Players is part of the judging panel and partly because the main prize, which goes to 6-7 children each year, is to be a soloist with Danish Chamber Players at concerts around the region.

Christmas at the Castle

Christmas concert 2023
AGE GROUP: Children's choir

"Christmas at the Castle"
This year's Christmas concert for the whole family with Danish Chamber Players, local children's choirs and Anna Gerda Sylvest.

Christmas is sung with a children's choir, which performs together with the very young soprano Anna Gerda Sylvest and the Danish Chamber Players.

MGK Composer Workshop

AGE GROUP: 14 - 30 years
The young composers of the future in an annual workshop at Danish Chamber Players.
As part of the collaboration between the ensemble and MGK Sjælland, the students who study classical composition as a major subject can pay an internship visit in the ensemble's workshop. Young composers from all over Zealand are invited to strengthen a creative environment and network.
Two intense workshop days where the young people work with the ensemble and develop their music together with the ensemble's musicians.


Calendar spread - signature - halloween - with the distinction
AGE GROUP: 3th - 4th grade


Welcome to the Danish Chamber Players' Halloween concerts for 3rd + 4th grade in Næstved, Faxe, Guldborgsund and Lolland. We are looking forward to playing and singing together with you and the terrific choir leader Ulla Britt Simonsen and promise musical thrills and horror at children's level.

Little and the Cat of Happiness

Little and the Lucky Cat. Drawing
AGE GROUP: 1st and 2nd class

This unique performance is created by Danish Chamber Players in collaboration with playwright Camilla Hübbe and artist Simon Væth.

The performance is based on the French composer Maurice Ravel's very beautiful and image-creating music "Ma mère l'Oye" (in Danish "Gåsemors taleinger").

We follow "Lille" and her "Lucky Cat" on adventures in the big, wide world.

Ready, set, culture from the start

182399355_10159196143169596_8255539628940293588_n (1)
AGE GROUP: Kindergarten children

Danish Chamber Players collaborates with Genklange on concerts for children in kindergartens. We come out with "The Rolling Concert Hall", where a tent is pitched so that the children can come in and meet the live music and the Classical Music Suitcase.

Well done Beethoven

Bravo Beethoven with Jens Andersen, photo: Bjørn Meldgaard
AGE GROUP: 4th - 6th grade

The story of Beethoven is told as a musical tale with lots of humor and drama.

His story is almost like a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm - because he has to go through so much.

Actor Jens Andersen gives that gas as a rapping genius!

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