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New podcast about love, art and music from Fuglsang

A new podcast has just been published about love, art and music from Fuglsang. "Anne Marie and Carl, a love story" is a podcast about Anne Marie Carl Nielsen and Carl Nielsen's stormy life together.

2022 has stood in Anne Marie Carl Nielsen's sign Fuglsang – both for the ensemble and the museum. Now the concert tour about her and Carl Nielsen's love story is over. The same is the exhibition about Anne Marie and her art at Fuglsang art museum. But history, art and music live on.

In connection with the exhibition, the museum bought a sculpture by Anne Marie Carl Nielsen: "Centaur".
The model behind this beautiful, erotic figure is Anne Marie's good friend, Marie Møller.
It took 29 years before Anne Marie completed the figure and cast it in bronze, as we see it today in the museum. Perhaps because Marie Møller was to play a decisive role in Anne Marie Carl Nielsen and Carl Nielsen's biggest marital crisis ever: Marie Møller had an affair with Carl for ten years, behind Anne Marie's back.

Danish Chamber Players have now made a podcast about that, and Carl's music, Anne Marie's art, their passion, life, love, longing and forgiveness. The podcast is produced by Besyv and Filmtone, is free for everyone and can be found here

Danish Chamber Players and actor and writer Lotte Andersen have collaborated for many years on the dissemination of the couple Nielsen's love story.

Told through their mutual exchange of letters and Carl Nielsen's immortal songs and music, it is, among other things, turned into a musical theater performance, a storytelling concert and a musical salon.

This podcast is a further development of this collaboration.

Starring in the pocast are 3 actors, Lotte Andersen, Signe Egholm Olsen and Sigurd Le Dous, 2 opera singers: Signe Asmussen Manuitt and Joakim Knop and Danish Chamber Players.

The sensuous centaur girl in the picture is a bronze statuette created by Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen in 1902. Photographed by Ole Akhøj and owned by Fuglsang Art museum, where it can be experienced.

For further information and contact information:
Ensemble manager Maj Kullberg Øllgaard
Mobile: 26 36 19 78


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