The Danish Chamber Players' spring festival 2022 is a postcard from France


The Danish Chamber Players' spring festival is a postcard from France

Experience family performance, organ matinee and DR broadcast concert when Danish Chamber Players hold spring festival 18 - 20 March.
There is a world premiere of pocket concerts, which is a completely new form of concert developed by the ensemble.

French tones fill Lolland's spring air when the Danish Chamber Players hold the Spring Festival on 18 - 20 March in Lolland Municipality, which this year is called "Postcard from France". There are great music experiences for all tastes for both children and adults.

At the festival, which celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of the Belgian-French composer Cesar Franck, you can experience music by Cesar Franck as well as other and other French and Nordic composers in all five of the festival's concerts.

The festival opens with a big concert on Friday 18 March at Lungholm Estate, where the ensemble performs with the internationally known soprano Sine Bundgaard, who sings songs by Cesar Franck. You can hear the concert, which is broadcast on Danmarks Radios P2.

On Saturday 19 March, there will be an organ matinee in Maribo Cathedral with cathedral organist Vibeke Vanggaard, whose son Aksel Vanggaard will on the same occasion play with the Danish Chamber Players in his first ever concert with professional musicians.

World news on Lolland

As something completely unique, Danish Chamber Players will perform two pocket concerts on 19 March in the Elvermose concert hall. If you've never heard of it before, you're legally excused. Pocket concerts are something that Danish Chamber Players have developed during the covid-19 pandemic.

It involves reinterpreting the violin concerto as a genre in a chamber music pocket format, explains ensemble director Maj Kullberg.

- In a pocket concert, we explore how violin concerts, which are traditionally played by a large symphony orchestra, can be renewed in a smaller chamber music "pocket format", which can more easily come out and play on small and large stages throughout the country, says Maj Kullberg.

It is the internationally known, Danish composer Poul Ruders and Swedish Andrea Tarrodi who have composed the concerts that the ensemble premieres together with the young violinist Niklas Walentin. During this year, Niklas Walentin will record the two concerts, so you can relive this year's spring concert at home.

Mother's Goose Tales

No spring festival without a show for the whole family. On Sunday 20 March, the Danish Chamber Players will perform the family show Lille Lykkekat. The performance is created by playwright Camilla Hübbe and illustrator Simon Væth over the French composer Maurice Ravel's image-creating music "Mother Goose's stories".

Little Happiness Cat is performed by the ensemble in Factory Lodge in Holeby, where it is also possible to experience the Globe.

Danish Chamber Players end the Spring Festival on March 20 in the afternoon in Sankt Nikolaj Kirke in Nakskov, where they themselves are soloists in works by Richard Wagner and Cesar Franck.

The Spring Festival is one of the Danish Chamber Players' flagships. Maj Kullberg and the ensemble are therefore very much looking forward to presenting the finest works that the musicians in the ensemble are passionate about. So come on in, take a look and enjoy yourself!

Buy a ticket and read more about the Spring Festival and the individual concerts on the Danish Chamber Players' website


Friday 18 March at 19:30. Opening concert at Lungholm with Danish Chamber Players and soprano Sine Bundgaard.

Saturday 19 March at 12. Organ matinee in Maribo Cathedral with cathedral organist Vibeke Vanggaard, Danish Chamber Players and violinist Aksel Vanggaard.

Saturday 19 March at 19:30. French charm and Nordic warmth in Elvermose concert hall. Danish Chamber Players and violinist Niklas Walentin with premiere of Poul Ruders and Andrea Tarrodi's pocket concerts.

Sunday, March 20 at 10:30. The family performance Lille Lykkekatten i Globen in Holeby by Camilla Hübbe and Simon Væth with Danish Chamber Players and music by Maurice Ravel. Subsequent showing of the Globe.

Sunday, March 20 at 16:30. Closing concert in Sankt Nikolaj Kirke in Nakskov with Danish Chamber Players.

See details on the Danish Chamber Players' website


Photos attached by the three soloists and two composers

 For further information and contact information:

Ensemble director Maj Kullberg. Tel .: 26 36 19 78. E-mail:

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