We pay tribute to Bodil de Neergaard and the forgotten female composers

In this year's late summer festival 15.-17. September, Danish Chamber Players focuses on the philanthropist and music lover Bodil de Neergaard and the female composers who had their turn at the manor Fuglsang.

Danish Chamber Players' late summer festival I, Bodil is a tribute to the composers who had their turn at the manor a century ago Fuglsang thanks to Bodil de Neergaard, who opened his home to the great composers and artists of the time.

With this year's late summer festival, the Danish Chamber Players will let the audience experience the musical life that unfolded Fuglsang under Bodil de Neergaard.

- Fuglsang was in her time a flourishing and lively center for art, culture and not least music. Well-known composers of the time such as Carl Nielsen and Edvard Grieg came here in the summer, and here they wrote several of their well-known works. This is the atmosphere we want to recreate in this year's late summer festival, where we pay tribute to Bodil de Neergaard and not least the female composers who later stood in the shadow of their more famous men, says head of the Danish Chamber Players Maj Kullberg and adds:

- The Late Summer Festival coincides this year with the launch of Fuglsang Kunstmuseum's art landscape in the park. Guests get a unique opportunity to experience Fuglsang in the contemporary version of the exuberant and diverse artistic and cultural life, which we carry on entirely in Bodil de Neergaard's spirit.

Bodil de Neergaard himself was musically gifted. She was the daughter of the composer Emil Hartmann and could have created a musical career for herself if she had not, as an 18-year-old in 1885, married Fuglsangs owner Rolf Viggo de Neergaard. Together they did Fuglsang to a place where art and music were paramount. She didn't give up music completely. She took singing lessons in Paris and performed for the artists who visited Fuglsang.

Unknown women

Among the female composers was the American Margaret Hamerik. She wrote a quartet, which the ensemble performs for the first time since the premiere in 1891. Another is Emma Hartmann, who was married to the national composer JPE Hartmann. She underplayed her own compositions, which she published under a male pseudonym.

Emma Hartmann's great-great-grandson, the jazz pianist Nikolaj Bentzon, will be in the concert Heirloom on September 16 at 19:30 in KUMUS, together with her trio and the mezzo-soprano Tuva Semmingsen, perform a number of her songs in jazz arrangements that were very different at the time, but Bodil de Neergaard wanted to cheapen it.

The late summer festival offers an opening concert with dinner and works by Fuglsangs tribal composers. The ensemble performs Emil Hartmann's Serenade played on Fuglsang Herregård's terrace, and the concert continues indoors with works by Carl Nielsen and Julius Röntgen.

Saturday 16 September begins with a matinee at 11:30 in the concert hall in KUMUS, where actor Sonja Richter reads flutist Toke Lund Christiansen's brand new book about Bodil de Neergaard, I, Bodil, accompanied by the ensemble and Toke Lund Christiansen.

Afterwards, the Danish Chamber Players participate Fuglsang Art Museum's inauguration of the art landscape in Fuglsang Garden, where the ensemble's flautist Svend Melbye leads a sonorous walk at 14:30 p.m. At 15:30, Hartmann's Serenade will be performed Fuglsangs terrace, which is a tradition from Bodil de Neergaard's time.

On Sunday 17 September, this year's late summer festival ends in the manor with a festive manor dinner. At 15:30 there is a romantic closing concert, where mezzo-soprano Sophie Haagen is the guest soloist, and the ensemble performs pieces by Gade, Brahms, Tchaikowsky, Lange Müller, Johan Svendsen, Grieg and Margaret Hamerik.

The Danish Chamber Players are looking forward to unleashing the music during this year's late summer festival. The head of the ensemble is sure that Bodil de Neergaard would smile and rejoice that her life's work Fuglsang is carried forward.

Time and place

Danish Chamber Players' late summer festival I, Bodil 15.-17. September in KUMUS and Fuglsang Herregård Nystedvej 73, 4891 Toreby.

Read more and buy tickets via the Danish Chamber Players website www.ensemblet.dk

Cast: In addition to the Danish Chamber Players, the actors Sonja Richter, Toke Lund Christiansen, writer, Nikolaj Bentzon and his trio, mezzo-soprano Tuva Semmingsen and mezzo-soprano Sophie Haagen, are participating.


The deadline for additional meals in connection with ticket purchases is 11 September

Friday 8 September at 17: Pop-up concert and book release in collaboration with Guldborgsund Libraries with presentation of Toke Lund Christiansen's book I, Bodil as well as a reading by Sonja Richter in the Hall at Guldborgsund Hovedbibliotek Rosenvænget 17, 1., 4800 Nykøbing F. Ticket DKK 50.

Friday 15 September at 19:30: Opening concert at Fuglsang Manor house. Begins with dinner at 18. Ticket DKK 225. Dinner can be purchased for DKK 210 per person. person. The ensemble plays works by Emil Hartmann, Carl Nielsen and Julius Röntgen. Included in the ticket price is a glass of sparkling wine, which is served during the break.

Saturday 16 September at 11:30 a.m.: Matinee in KUMUS. Actress Sonja Richter reads from Toke Lund Christiansens I, Bodil and reads HC Andersen's The Naughty Boy. Danish Chamber Players and Toke Lund Christiansen perform works by JPE Hartmann and Emil Hartmann. Ticket DKK 150. Matinee plate served in the café in KUMUS at 12:45 price DKK 169.

Saturday 16 September at 14:30 a.m.: Sound walk in Fuglsang Garden with Danish Chamber Players flutist Svend Melbye. For free.

Saturday 16 September at 15.30 p.m.: The Danish Chamber Players perform Emil Hartmann's great Serenade. 43 for 8 winds and bass on Fuglsang Manor terrace. For free.

Saturday 16 September at 19:30 a.m.: Heirloom. Concert in KUMUS with the mezzo-soprano Tuva Semmingsen and the Nikolaj Bentzon Trio, who perform jazz interpretations of Emma Hartmann's compositions. The concert is organized together with Jazz på Tværs. Ticket DKK 225. KUMUS café is served at 18. Tenant pot with the kitchen maid's mash, coffee and old-fashioned apple cake. Price DKK 200.

Sunday 17 September at 15:30 p.m.: Closing concert in Fuglsang Herregård with the Danish Chamber Players and the mezzo-soprano Sophie Haagen with works by, among others, Margaret Hamerik Hamerik, Gade, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and Grieg. Ticket DKK 225. After the concert, food is served at 18 a two-course manor house menu in the living rooms of Fuglsang. Price DKK 425. Included in the ticket price is a glass of sparkling wine, which is served during the break.

Photos: Lars Schmidt – two pieces from the teahouse, Fuglsang Have

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Maj Kullberg, ensemble leader
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