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ES_Skoven_ gelegen_foto_Julia_Severinsen
Danish Chamber Players in the Forest - landscape
Photographer: Julia Severinsen
Danish Chamber Players in Nature2
Photographer: Julia Severinsen
Danish Chamber Players in KUMUS
Photographer: Julia Severinsen
Danish Chamber Players in Æblehaven
Photographer: Julia Severinsen
Danish Chamber Players in the Forest - portrait
Photographer: Julia Severinsen
Danish Chamber Players in Nature1
Photographer: Julia Severinsen
Danish Chamber Players at Dodekalitten
Photographer: Julia Severinsen
Danish Chamber Players at a distance at Dodekalitten
Photographer: Julia Severinsen
Danish Chamber Players' 30th birthday in colors
Photographer: Julia Severinsen
Danish Chamber Players 30th birthday B / W
Photographer: Julia Severinsen
The ensemble in the glass corridor
Photographer: Ingrid Riis
Danish Chamber Players in Kumus, photo: Ingrid Riis
The ensemble in the doorway
Photographer: Ingrid Riis
The ensemble_on_the_ramp
The ensemble on the ramp
Photographer: Ingrid Riis
Danish Chamber Players at Holmegaard Værk - evening
Photographer: Ingrid Riis
Danish Chamber Players at Holmegaard Værk - day
Photographer: Ingrid Riis
Danish Chamber Players at Holmegaard Værk
Photographer: Ingrid Riis

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General pr

Danish Chamber Players, based in the modern art and music house KUMUS at the Fuglsang Manor on Lolland, are one of the five Danish ensembles which between them provide a more substantial presence for professional classical music in otherwise sparsely covered areas of Denmark. 

The ensemble was founded in 1991 and consists of eight highprofile chamber musicians in a unique instrumental composition: three string players, three wind players, piano and harp. 

With first-class classical concerts and an extroverted music pedagogical effort, the ensemble creates great classical moments through various activities.

The ensemble holds between 80-100 concerts and events every year. Alternative concert rooms and formats help convey the music to a diverse audience.

Over the years, more than 110 new works have been commissioned by the ensemble from prominent composers.

With more than 30 CD recordings, numerous radio transmissions and international collaborations, Danish Chamber Players act as cultural ambassadors for Danish chamber music and their region, both nationally and internationally.

The ensemble is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation, the Cultural Region of Storstroem and its four municipalities, Naestved, Faxe, Lolland and Guldborgsund.

Be moved, inspired and fascinated together.

Current press releases

USK2023 image 1600x900
Lots of music even for children and young people in the autumn
Winning concerts with young classical players. Danish Chamber Players' autumn offers a large number of concerts for children and young people. One of the most important tasks the ensemble has...
Late Summer Festival 2023
We pay tribute to Bodil de Neergaard and the forgotten female composers
In this year's late summer festival 15.-17. September, Danish Chamber Players focuses on the philanthropist and music lover Bodil de Neergaard and the female composers who had their way on...
Maj Kullberg Øllgaard - Photo Ingrid Riis
Musical entrepreneur turns 50
On June 18, head of the Danish Chamber Players, Maj Kullberg Øllgaard, turns 50. She can look back on a life marked by chamber music and musical...
Young composers of the future
Young composers of the future try out new things at Danish Chamber Players Again this year, the young composition students from MGK Zealand are invited to two intense days of workshop...
Graphics 1600x900
New Podcast
New podcast about love, art and music from Fuglsang A new podcast has just been published about love, art and music from Fuglsang. "Anne Marie and Carl,...
New Year's concert
New Year's concerts 2023
New Year's concert 2023 with the Danish Chamber Players and soprano Yana Kleyn and tenor Petter Moen Danish Chamber Players' popular New Year's concerts are just around the corner and the year will be shot true to tradition...
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