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Sonorous walks in nature.

Danish Chamber Players' sonorous wanderings will appear in the landscape in several places in the coming time. As a poetic and swarming risk

cake. photo MK


Danish Chamber Players has the most beautiful vital friends association that has built a good and cozy community around music. As

Music's paths and neighborhood
The Danish Chamber Players will next turn their gaze towards our neighbours. We are approaching Germany, and as the Fehmarn construction progresses, we are preoccupied with the paths of music that have passed between Denmark and Germany over the centuries. Many collaborations, - for our young people in Understrømmen and with German musicians and ensembles as well as composers, - is... (read more)
The ensemble brings early European music to life.
Musica Ficta and Bo Holten
Danish Chamber Players and Musica Ficta bring the early music from the 1300th century to life in completely new arrangements for men's voices and contemporary instruments conducted by Bo Holten. In Fjord, the medieval festival Næstveds Søjler commissioned a concert with Musica Ficta and Danish Chamber Players for the opening concert of the festival. The choice fell on it in Denmark... (read more)
Opera gala in the open in the summer country.
Carina Tybjerg Madsen and Jonathan Koppel 1600x900
Now it's summer and for the ensemble that means, among other things, that we perform opera at our own Opera Gala in Det Fri concerts at Gisselfeld Monastery and in the garden at Fuglsang Herregård, at the new Lolland Opera Festival at 2 concerts and at the Copenhagen Opera Festival, the ensemble participates in 2 major productions: Suor... (read more)
Recordings send the new music out into the world.
photo of microphone. Photographer Helle Vissing
Danish Chamber Players make many CD recordings, and this is an important way of presenting especially the new music we work with to a large audience all over the world. In December, a CD with works by Astor Piazzolla was released with Bjarke Mogensen as frontman. Here, the ensemble participated in several works as a follow-up... (read more)
The seasonal concerts - where we immerse ourselves in the chamber music we love.
Svend and Tobias play
I want to write a small post about the Danish Chamber Players' seasonal concerts, which are the approx. 3 concert programs a year with artistic goods, which we present in chamber music associations and at various concert venues where chamber music is at the fore - (such as at our two annual festivals). Both well-known classical masterpieces and rarely played music... (read more)
TOGETHER. Communities around music
fuglsang cafe together.
The Danish Chamber Players have launched a new format together with our good neighbors at Fuglsang Art museum, which we call "Fuglsang Together". These are events where art and music meet and end with cozy social dining in the café in KUMUS. Evenings with goods in! It is really exciting to make these salons,... (read more)
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