Nature as the basic tone

Manifesto: Danish Chamber Players is passionate about helping to sharpen sensitivity to nature through an artistic focus on nature and sustainability. We see it as an urgent task to help create a space for reflection and a sensuality about the challenges of the time with climate and sustainability through music.

Art affects body and mind and through sensory impressions and creativity we invite people of all ages to experience the elements of nature with all senses - both with challenging complexity and imaginative playfulness.

This year we have i.a. commissioned a new children's opera by Bent Nørgård and Niels Marthinsen about Charles Darwin, "Can Worms Hear", which premieres in December. We have commissioned many new works relating to nature by Pernille Sejlund, Lil Lacy, Li Ying Wu and for premiere this spring by Swedish Andrea Tarrodi and Greenlandic Arnannguaq Gerstrøm and others. Like Per Nørgård's music, which we have just recorded with Bjarke Mogensen, directly er nature and uses nature patterns etc., which has also inspired Finnish Kaija Saariaho, who we worked on for a few days this summer.

We are developing some "sonic walks", so you can take the music with you all the way out into nature with DJ Katrine Ring. More will follow in the coming years. Next spring we have a whole spring festival about the elements of nature and we collaborate with poets and other art forms around this green line.

We will do what we can to inspire to open up the senses to the nature we need to take care of. In the end, can we perhaps help to build a bridge between the nature experience and action ??

Many greetings


On the way to Skejten
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