Sonorous walks in nature.

Danish Chamber Players' sonorous wanderings will appear in the landscape in several places in the coming time. As a poetic and swarming way to make the music experience enter into a dialogue with nature.

The senses are opened when you are guided around nature with music in your ears that has a strong connection to the special place where the walk takes place. The soundscape becomes a small work of art in itself when the ensemble's notes are experienced on the walk.

In August, the ensemble together with singer-song writer MC Hansen inaugurated a route with cultural benches by Præstø Fjord. Here you can sit down and, through a QR code on your phone, hear MC's beautiful and subtle songs, which are about exactly the places by the fjord where you are.

In September, the ensemble works together with the local star DJ Katrine Ring to get a sonorous walk out on a walking route by Fuglsang. Katrine Ring is known, among other things, as the host of DRP2's program Natsværmeren, and it is this dreamy basic mood that we are after when with music that is connected to Fuglsang Herregård and is recorded by the ensemble, an artistic soundtrack is laid that you can have in your ears when you walk around nature at Fuglsang.

We start with a sonorous walk "live" during our Late Summer Festival in KUMUS on 18 September. Here, the ensemble's musicians will place themselves around the Fuglsang and play Danish summer songs in new arrangements by composer Erik Højsgaard. Our flautist Svend Melbye will lead the guests around the tour, which ends atmospherically at the front Fuglsang The Art Museum's café, where Katrine Ring mixes tones and sounds from the place.

We want to sharpen the sensibility towards nature through these musical experiences in the open air. Like a kind of interactive concert experience. Over the next few years, there will be more sonorous walks around our part of the country. Good trip!

Photo: Mette Franck
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