Recordings send the new music out into the world.

Danish Chamber Players make many CD recordings, and this is an important way of presenting especially the new music we work with to a large audience all over the world.

In December, a CD with works by Astor Piazzolla was released with Bjarke Mogensen as frontman. Here, the ensemble participated in several works as a follow-up to our Late Summer Festival in KUMUS in 2021, which celebrated the 150th anniversary of Piazzolla's birth. The album "Album for Astor" has received top reviews worldwide, won a "Global Music Award" in December 2022 and was album of the week at P2.

We continue with many recordings this spring, and besides it being an important way to get the music heard and documented, it is also developing for the ensemble to play in front of the switched on microphones. When you record, you can repeat the same bars many times, and it is very instructive to listen to yourself from the outside. We are so lucky that our hall in KUMUS has fantastically good acoustics, which are ideally suited for recordings. Sometimes the ensemble sits in a circle on the floor when we record, to get a special spaciousness in the sound.

We are currently recording our project "Pocket Concertos" with Niklas Walentin as soloist. It is one of the ensemble's signature projects this year with newly written Nordic violin concertos in an intimate miniature format, which will be published on Naxos once we have received works from composers from all the Nordic countries.

Niels Rosing-Schow was previously the ensemble's artistic advisor. We have just recorded his piece "Granito" with Bjarke Mogensen as soloist again.

The ensemble is also busy documenting the many works we have had written for us in recent years, which revolve around the subject of "nature". This spring we will record the first ones: Pernille Sejlund's "The 4 Elements" and Li Ying Wu's "Nature Concert" as well as a new work we have not seen yet by Ole Buck.

One can debate whether the world needs another recording of Brahms' symphonies. It can be important for an orchestra's development and as a business card to record the great classics. But with the new or rarely played works, which are what the ensemble most often prioritizes to immortalize on recordings, it has an important function to make the current music available in digital releases, so that it can be documented and heard by a larger audience. And it's great when we can also win international awards for it!

photo of microphone. Photographer Helle Vissing
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