Our Mission

In 2020, the ensemble formulated a “Basic Story”.
The document describes the value basis for the ensemble's activities.

Music is something we share with each other
The audience and the musicians have taken their seats. A tone sounds. A common breath.
Eight musicians meet in a community with each other and with the audience. Joy, longing, hope. Emotions are evoked and shared. Music is the shortest way into the soul.
Music is something we share with each other.

Proximity and focus on listening
The Danish Chamber Players are an entire region's own house orchestra. The affiliation paves the way for
long-term connections and processes, while the feeling of ownership leaves room for pride.
It is felt by the sparks that jump between the musicians and the audience in the intimate
concert moments filled with presence and focus.
Listening is absolutely central to being a part of what takes place. To be a good listener
sharpens our ability to meet and understand each other.

Music available to everyone
The Danish Chamber Players create value and strength by being accessible and present.
We play for everyone and make it easy to feel welcome. This applies at the concert in the ensemble's own hall and it applies when the ensemble goes out and becomes available to even more people.
With the ability to create community, we contribute to our region. We do that when we
collaborate with other cultural institutions and arts. When we professionally communicate
music for children and young people and thereby contributes to strengthening their ability to listen. And by always being curious and seeking out new audience groups – also outside the cities.
Our ambition is clear: that the music leaves our audience changed. Because once you have listened, the way is paved for the consequences of music - its ability to awaken, inspire, make us open-minded.

Be moved, inspired and fascinated together.

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