Festival time -concentrated meetings about the music.

It's festival time. Festivals are a special way of meeting about music, where the audience and musicians can gather over a few days about the music. Festivals are meeting places between musicians who can meet in new constellations and get inspiration from each other, between the audience and musicians who are together for the musical experiences for several intense days and also for everything in between the concerts - with wine, conversation and shared meals e.g. e.g.

The ensemble's 2 festivals, the Late Summer Festival in KUMUS and the Spring Festival always have a theme that binds the concerts together, and which we want to delve deeper into. This year the Late Summer Festival is called "Piano with more" and here the concerts revolve around piano music in many different ways. Next year's Spring Festival in March 2023 has the theme "The 4 Elements" with a focus on the elements of nature. We often invite composers to write new works for our festivals and are visited by exciting guest soloists and other artists such as poets and actors or art historians.

This summer, Danish Chamber Players is a guest at 2 other prominent festivals, where we will enjoy being part of an international melting pot, where new contacts and musical friendships can arise. It is at I Djurs and Mols near Ebeltoft and at Møn Summer Concerts.

Let's meet about the music!

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Photo: Mette Franck
May Kullberg

Sonorous walks in nature.

Danish Chamber Players' sonorous wanderings will appear in the landscape in several places in the coming time. As a poetic and swarmeric way to

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