Sakskøbing Preludes
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Danish Chamber Players has for many years worked closely with the French-Lebanese organist and composer Naji Hakim.

He had originally composed his Sakskøbing Preludes of well-known Danish hymns for organ, and performed them in Sakskøbing Church, where he had inaugurated the church's new digital organ. They were later instrumentalized for the ensemble.

The CD contains:

Naji Hakim: Sakskøbing preludes (My heart always wanders, Closer, God, to you, O God, you know and know, To say goodbye to the world, Hail, Savior and Redeemer !, The dark night is past, Now the flower time comes, Easter flower! What will you here ?, Up, all the things that God has done, O Christianity !, So very much it met us first in our baptism, Command your ways)  ()
Naji HakimChamber Concert No. 1 : The sun always shines on Beirut
Naji HakimChamber Concert No. 2 (Welcome again, little angels of God, Lovely is the blue sky, A child is born in Bethlehem)  ():: Come, let's go to Bethlehem
Naji HakimConcerto for organ and chamber ensemble no. 4 (Flowing, Sad and Joy, Unquenchable)  () // Naji Hakim, organ

Recorded and played on the Frobenius organ in Vangede Church, Gentofte and in Nykøbing F. Theater 8.-16. September 2011
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