Henrik Sørensen: Crossview
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“It has always seemed natural to me to write music for ensembles traditionally associated with classical music. With my roots in jazz music, it may seem more obvious to write for the trio, quintet or big band ensemble, but I miss the diversity of sound possibilities the chamber music ensemble has.
The music on this CD is a selection of compositions I have written over a number of years. East Coast Concerto was written for Storstrøm's Chamber Ensemble in 1997. With its unique ensemble, it offers far greater tonal possibilities than one would normally expect from an ensemble of this size. The West Coast Concerto is arranged for this crew and revised from an earlier edition. With this version, the composition has found its proper design.
The compositions on CROSSVIEW are based on recorded improvisations. Virtually all melodic and harmonic basic structures have been re-edited based on these loosely recorded improvisations. In this way, the primary form of expression of jazz is reflected in the preparation of the scores that form the basis of the music on this CD. ”

Henrik Sørensen, composer

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