MGK Composer Workshop
The young composers of the future in an annual workshop at Danish Chamber Players.
As part of the collaboration between the ensemble and MGK Sjælland, the students who study classical composition as a major subject can pay an internship visit in the ensemble's workshop. Young composers from all over Zealand are invited to strengthen a creative environment and network.
Two intense workshop days where the young people work with the ensemble and develop their music together with the ensemble's musicians.

Age group: 14 - 30 years

Prior to the meeting with the ensemble, the composition students say:

William Kjærulff:
I am very much looking forward to meeting the ensemble and to the MGK workshop in April.
It is a gift to be allowed to work with an ensemble such as Danish Chamber Players. I am only going on 2nd year of my MGK.
The insight into how professional musicians work is so important. Getting your music taken under professional care is some of the best experience imaginable. And then it's a nice thing to write for a specific ensemble. It's a good leg brace.

Jonas Færgeman, 30 years
It has been really rewarding to write for Danish Chamber Players! This is the first time I am writing for a professional orchestra, and it has really boosted creativity, as well as the need to understand the sound context of the ensemble. It has been exciting to learn about the different instruments as best you can now without having them in your hands.

Oliver Tordendahl:
It is always exciting what happens when you have a new task to be solved compositionally. The possibilities are endless, and can seem unmanageable if you are not inspired by something concrete.
For a long time I have wanted to work with text as a starting point for my music, and to let the dramatic and marvelous language of the text be reflected in the abstract essence of the music. This is something I try to do in my work composing for Danish Chamber Players.
A job I look forward to sharing with them, and hearing their thoughts and helping words about.

Laura Krog Dayani, 19 years old.
I go to the Mgk capital in the first year, where I have Daniel Fladmose as a teacher composition. At the same time I go to High School in 3rd grade.
I played Marimba for many years, and acoustic guitar for a little less time.
I'm relatively new to composing and I'm still researching and trying to figure it out what I want. I am very happy for this opportunity to be allowed to compose something for Danish Chamber Players. It's a great opportunity to try something new and be allowed to experiment with something different.



Learning Objectives
The MGK students have all both composed a completely new piece of music for the ensemble's instrumentation, and in addition they have arranged a well-known work of their choice.
We end with a small concert for our friends association.

It is a special opportunity for the young people to write a piece, which is played by a professional ensemble and help to hear the samples of the music and the musicians' suggestions for how it can possibly be improved. Maybe something needs to be written differently, how do you actually write for a harp, does it sound like you had intended?

At the same time, we want to create a creative environment for the young composers.

Inquiry regarding. the project:

Send an email to the ensemble's B&U producer
Nina Ulf Jørgensen

– or call Nina: 21 22 82 20

– or to the ensemble: 29 67 10 02

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