Can Worms Hear?

Have you ever wondered if worms can hear?
No, right? You will get the answer to that in this show.

This newly written children's opera describes the great scientist Charles Darwin
fascination with the life of earthworms and their importance to nature.

In the performance, Darwin interacts with the ensemble's instruments, and conducts exciting sound experiments, which are described in the exuberant music.

Worms_B4_2311 - 1600x900 Darwin

Age group: 3st and 4nd class

Teaser video

In the opera there is only one singer – who plays Darwin – and then the 8 musicians from the Danish Chamber Players.
Darwin has his good friend, the turtle Sjelle with him on stage, Sjelle is played by the cello. Darwin feeds the earthworms and examines whether they can hear, and here he gets special help from the bassoon and the harp.

For several years, Darwin studied these creatures and did experiments with them. He researched what their diets were (carrots and cherries) and thought he could demonstrate that they were following their appetites rather than simply eating. He was also interested in whether the earthworms could hear, even though they have no ears.

The development of the performance is financed by Kulturregion Storstrøm, and the teaching material has been prepared in collaboration with Levende Musik i Skolen


Sten Byriel, singer

Composer: Niels Marthinsen

Idea and text: Bent Nørgaard


Invitation to premiere:

Learning Objectives

The pupils experience classical music and opera as a form of expression – and they encounter concepts such as sound and vibrations.
Before school concerts, the teachers receive teaching material so that the students can prepare and gain new knowledge about both music and science.
The teaching material can be found below.

Tender period: October 2023

Inquiry regarding. the project:

Send an email to the ensemble's B&U producer
Nina Ulf Jørgensen

– or call Nina: 21 22 82 20

– or to the ensemble: 29 67 10 02

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